Kills 99,9 % of respiratory viruses in the nose within 2 minutes.1


VirXTM kills 99,9 % of respiratory viruses in the nose within 2 minutes.1

Going back to work, socialising and other interactions can increase your chances of an infection.

No Mask? No Problem!

VirXTMshields against respiratory viruses and should be administered before and after suspected exposure to respiratory viruses by individuals in high-risk environments (i.e. public transportation, health care settings, shopping centers, sports events etc.).1

Safe nasal spray with respiratory anti-viral properties 1

Protects against respiratory related symptoms 1,3

Proven to kill respiratory viruses within 2 minutes 1

Reduces respiratory viral load by about 95 % in the first 24 hours 3

Scientifically tested and proven to kill 99,9 % of respiratory viruses 1

Creates a physical barrier that blocks respiratory viruses 1

Frequently Asked Questions

VirXTM is a nasal spray that kills respiratory viruses in the nose within 2 minutes, which helps to protect you from developing an infection. 1

A virus is a group of tiny (microscopic) molecules that can grow and multiply only in living cells. Viruses cause a variety of diseases in humans, animals and plants. 2

VirXTM Nasal Spray creates a mechanical protective barrier preventing entry of viruses beyond the nasal cavity. The acidic pH provides the chemical protective barrier which is further enhanced by the production of nitric oxide in the nasal spray, providing a hostile environment in which viral activity is further inhibited.3
VirXTM protects against respiratory viruses, such as the cold and flu viruses.1,3
There are 5 important differences between VirXTM and other nasal sprays:1,3
  1. VirXTM has a unique dual mechanism spray bottle that delivers fresh nitric oxide into your nose each time you use the spray.
  2. VirXTM kills 99,9 % of viruses within two minutes.
  3. VirXTM protects you from developing an infection by forming a physical barrier so the viruses can’t enter your body.
  4. If you already have an infection, VirXTM reduces the severity of the infection and helps you recover sooner.
  5. VirXTM is also safe and effective in preventing you from transmitting viruses.

Because VirXTM protects you from viruses, VirXTM should be administered as soon as possible before and after suspected exposure to viruses in high-risk environments such as public transport, doctors rooms, pharmacies, clinics or hospitals, shopping centres, schools and sports events – in fact, VirXTM should be administered as soon as possible before and after exposure to crowds of any kind!1

  • If you are standing within 1,5 metres of someone who is infected (even if they don’t know they are infected) you could contract the virus immediately. As the virus is airborne – it is carried in the air – you could breathe it in through your nose, making it possible for you to fall ill.4
  • Without protection from VirXTM, if you are exposed to a virus, you can develop an infection within 24 hours (one day).4
  • VirXTM is effective immediately when you spray it into your nose.1
As the COVID virus, like the flu virus, is airborne, VirXTM has the potential to protect against the virus.3

VirXTM is not a medicine and can be used together with other nasal products.1

If you already have a respiratory infection, such as flu, you should continue with the medication recommended to you by your doctor or pharmacist.

VirXTM is not safe for babies and young children. VirXTM should only be used by adults and children 12 years and older.1
VirXTM can be used up to 6 times a day if you have been exposed to a respiratory virus. It is recommended that you use it 2 – 3 times a day, using 2 sprays per nostril each time. 1
The 25 ml in the VirXTM bottle will last for approximately 2 weeks at the recommended dosage of 2 – 3 administrations a day. The VirXTM spray bottle should be discarded 30 days after opening, even if you have not used all the spray.1

VirXTM is available from your local pharmacies and online stores


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